Grangé Group

MORE ABOUT Grangé Group

Grangé Group, founded by Alain Grangé, has a proven long-standing global track record of success as a hands-on operator in the international leisure lifestyle hospitality real estate business. The Group has created some of the highest quality projects and joint ventures, with both financial and customer success, for branded and unbranded hospitality, real estate and club projects.

Brands where we managed and supported their resort and real estate ventures:

A few uniquely targeted areas include:

Grangé Group formed a joint venture with Strategic Hotels & Resorts ( to create, own, manage, market, and sell this industry leading luxury hotel/resort owner’s resort & residential real estate at its Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Fairmont, etc.

The Group also formed a joint venture with T-Rex Capital Group ( to own, manage, market and sell the luxury New York condominium/fractional/condo hotel project Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid (

Additionally, the Group founded Resorts Golf Clubs International, a high-end international golf country club and vacation real estate/club company which developed, managed, marketed, sold among others, such large projects as St. Andrews, BallenIsles Country Clubs, etc.